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Nanjing Incident which occurred 4 times

So called Nanjing Massacre, which Communist Party of China insisted that Japan army did, is actually a fabrication. In fact, massacre of Chinese done by Chinese happened 4 times.


1) The 1st Nanjing Incident ( 1913)

Zhang Xun army which belonged to Yuan Shikai sect broke into Nanjing and slaughtered people, raped women, and plundered them and attacked the civilians within the castle during a period of one month, which caused thousands of death.

2) The 2nd Nanjing Incident (1927)

Kuomintang army invaded Nanjing , and slaughtered people, raped and plundered the people. In this incident, those who were engaged in consulates, including Japanese, 2 English, 1 American, 1 Italian, 1 French were killed.

3) The 3rd Nanjing Incident (1937)

 Kuomintang army which occupied Nanjing did massacre, rape, and plunder in the city.

4) The 4th Nanjing Incident (1949)

Communist army took control of Nanjing and did massacre, rape, and plunder. More than 100000 people were killed.

This article explains about the 3rd and 4th massacre specialy.


Background knowledge Power in China in those days

In China at that time, which was after the collapse of Qing dynasty, there was a anarchy and division, where people killed one another. There were two main groups of power. One was Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) led by Chiang Kar-shek. (This group is present govenment of Taiwan.)

The other was Communist Party of China (Communist) led by Mao Zedong. Also towards the end of the war, there was Nanjing government led by Wang Jingwei.


(3) The 3rd Nanjing incident (1937)

Japan has been doing its best in order to avoid any military confrontation with the Chinese Nationalist party, but because of various provoking activities such as Tungchow mutiny or Nikolayevsk incident, Second Sino-Japanese War broke out eventually.

The fleeing Chinese Nationalist party soldiers led by Chiang Kari-shek escaped into Nanjing and started to slaughter the Nanjing civilians, then many Nanjing civilians started to flee from there.

Several weeks later on Fourth of December, the Japanese army arrived there. Then the Chinese Nationalist party flee again.

The Japanese army, after securing the peace inside the city, initiated a ceremony to enter the Nanjing city with army and navy together on Dec. 17th.


On that day, sweets and tobacco were distributed to the refugees of Nanjing, when the whole town was filled with smile and cheers.

By the entry of the Japanese army, the peace was restored into the City Wall of Nanjing, where the refugees who used to live there but had evacuated are starting to come back. The Japanese army provided medical care and food to the returnee Chinese for free of charge and even distributed sweets to the children.


(4)The fourth Nanjing Incident (1949)

On August 15th in 1945, Japan lost the Pacific War. The United States and England had given abundant support such as military supply to the Chiang Kai-shek army in order to resist Japan. However, once the war was over and there was no use for doing it. So there was no more supply from the U.S. and England after the war was over.

On the other hand, the Soviet Union , which attacked Manchuria just before the end of the war, obtained lots of guns or bullets from the Japanese army, and then gave them all to the Chinese Communist party led by Mao Zedong.

Then there became overwhelming difference of material supply between Chiang Kai-shek army and Mao Zedong army. And because of that, Mao Zedong army had won an overwhelming victory everywhere.

In Nanjing at that time, there was Nanjing Government led by Wang Jingwei, and there maintained abundant and peaceful society since 1937 until this time. However, Chiang Kai-shek army escaped into Nanjing and plundered this city and many people were killed.

The real tragedy for Nanjing happened after this, when the intrusion of the Chinese Nationalist Party Army devastated the city of Nanjing and the civilians were exhausted. After this the Chinese Communist Party army entered Nanjing , then the Chinese Nationalist Party army flee.

The Chinese Communist Party army broke into the city of Nanjing . They slaughtered people for helping the Chinese Nationalist Party one after another, and plundered them and raped the women and massacred them.

The number of death in this fourth Nanjing Incident is said to be 100,000 or 150,000 people. One out of the three Nanjing civilians was killed.



Since this was the latest and the scale of the massacre was great, it is this fourth Nanjing Incident that it is remembered as the Nanjing Massacre in general.