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The actual cause of the Pacific War

If you are seeing this web-site, you may not think that the war was caused because Japan went crazy or Japan had an ambition to expand its territory. You may say that the war was caused because the U.S. prohibited exporting materials to Japan and provoked Japan for the war, which may be a passing mark. If you know that the spies among the Japanese military and political leaders worked and provoked the war, you may be rather advanced.
However in reality, a much larger spy operation was done in the U.S.

In recent years, some of the past classified documents have been exposed, through which the truth of the various incidents has been disclosed. As one of the biggest events was that a spying operation of the Soviet Union was exposed by Venona project.


The Soviet Union, an ally during the II World War, had sent hundreds of spies to the U.S. and had stolen all kinds of classified information in diplomacy, military, and industries. Roosebelt administration in those days was completely under the influence of the operation of the Soviet Union. And the fact that American military secrecy was leaked to the Soviet Union came as a great shock to the historians in the world.


Cominterun did various types of operation in order to crush Japan, by dividing the U.S. and Japan, because Japan was in the way of turning east Asia into communist
There were more than 300 spies from the Soviet Union around close advisers of Roosebelt and others.

Many campaigns were done so that the U.S. may like China and hate Japan, involving mass media in the U.S.


In those days, Japan was fighting the threat of the communism in the East Asia. Therefore, if Japan were gone, it would be natural that the East Asia should go communist. The U.S. should have made allies with Japan, but was made to become hostile against Japan instead.


The history after that was that Japan lost the war, then the Soviet Union invaded into Manchuria easily as you all know, and People’s Republic of China was born and it made half of the Korea communist.


Today, it is said that Cominterun was dispersed, and China and Russia left communism. However, the power behind is still active.


If our eyes are not open to the truth and if we cannot obtain a correct history view, there may be wrong political judgment even in the present time.



Ex President of the U.S. Hoover's testimony

Ex President of the U.S. Hoover's testimony
The most convincing in the conspiracy of Cominterun and the testimony 'The real war responsibility lies in President Roosevelt.'  is 'Freedom betrayed' by Hoover. 
Hoover was the President just before Roosevelt. Therefore he was quite familiar with the national classified information which nobody else would be able to find. This statement in his book talks a lot:
On May 3rd in 1946 in Tokyo, ex President Herbert Hoover and Allied Supreme Commander MacArthur discussed for 3 days about what the Pacific War was really about.
At that time, Hoover mentioned something no Japanese would have imagined or thought.
'The Pacific War was not the war which Japan started. That 'Mad man Roosevelt' provoked the Japan vs.U.S. War. He was not mentally disabled, although he was mad man. He just really wanted to wage a war, and the result of his desire for war became the war between Japan and the U.S.'
When MacArthur heard that statement, he agreed as follows;
"I said that the whole Japanese war was a madman's desire to get into war. He (MacArthur) agreed."
Is it not a sufficient proof to have suspicion about this war because there is such a statement in his book?


book review by Freedom Betrayed (by )

This book ( memoir of President Hoover, denouncing President Franklin Roosevelt for provoking the U.S. into the war) seems to have become a hot topic in Japan. It is said that the time of  the publication of this book in Japanese is not decided yet. However, a book which introduces this book is already published.

This book was ready for publishing except for several Fact Check, one year before President Hoover died in 1963. However, it was published half a century later in 2011. As a matter of fact, President Hoover started to write this book on the day the war broke out between the U.S. and Japan, on Dec.8, 1941 (7th in the U.S.). Moreover, he had been rewriting the book many times until his death.


President Hoover insisted on not getting involved in the European war (the war of Nazis German) in every occasion, including the time when he ran for the Presidential premaries in 1940. He made efforts to make the U.S. fulfill Monroe Doctrine, no participation in war.When he realized that all his efforts were in vain on the day of the starting of Japan-U.S. war, President Hoover decided to write a book to denounce the betrayal of President Roosevelt. Then he had asked his friend, Deputy Secretary of the State of U.S., to keep all the records and memories to know all the process to reach the Japan-U.S. war.

At the end of this book, almost 1000 pages, the book written at the early stage was recorded and there was a brief summary of the main points. However, this memoir, which President Hoover called ' a great work', is not just a memoir. President Hoover hired several secretaries and research assistants, investigating behaviors or comments of those inside the Roosevelt administration, and Prime Minister Churchill of UK, Stalin of the Soviet Union. He made every effort to bring light to the truth in history by the investigation and quotation of their words through quite objective and academic approach. ( the related materials are kept at Hoover Institution) 

That implies that President Hoover had such conviction and passion of the importance of revealing the 'failure' of President Roosevelt administration. However, the sons of President Hoover did not publish this book after his death, even though they were entrusted to publish that book, which might have been called historical revisionism. It seems that they hesitated to do so because some of the people criticized in the book were still alive. These details are explained in the preface of the book by George H. Nash, who complied this book as the editor and publisher.

For the present, I read the chapters of the book related to Japan. As I read about the movement of Roosevelt administration one night before the opening of the Japan-U.S. war, there was a complaint from China on Nov.25th that it is outrageous to negociate with Japan through diplomatic negociation. The U. S. responded to China that the issue was to make Japan start the war first without causing great damage to the U.S. side, and the U.S. gave the conditions to Japan which could never be accepted by Japan and stuff.  

We can see clearly that Chinese communist party was pressuring the U.S. and UK saying that they would reconsider how to treat the U.S. and UK, if they did not destroy Japan with force. That means, the Japan-U.S. war was set up by Chinese communist party, manipulating the U.S. and UK.


For comparison, President Hoover called President Roosevelt 'madman', when he met Douglas MacAuthur in Tokyo. It is written also that MacAuthur was in agreement of the perspective that their economic blocade was provocative.