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Q: Isn’t Japan as guilty as Germany?

Probably most people misunderstand about this point.

A: Japan and Germany are totally different during II World War.


Talking Germany and Japan, they became defeated nations of II World War and are considered evil allies in the 20th century.

People of many countries think vaguely that Japan is an evil country, invading other countries for their own greed, just like Germany. However the nature of these two countries is totally different except for the fact that they were allies.


‘Germany made a war of aggression but Japan made a defensive war.’

This was a comment made by Macarthur, who fought against Japan and also was in charge of the Occupation Army after II World War. ‘The modern history of the East Asia’ shows that this word was true.


Also the way Germany dealt with Jews was totally different from Japan, which was most pro-Jew nation among all the main countries in the world in those days. Japanese in those days had a national policy of no racial discrimination, as in the article ‘Japan which helped Jews’. Japan gave generous support to the Jewish refugees.