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Danger in sinocentrism

At the time of 70 years after the end of the war, which is around 2015, history issues have been frequently brought up in the name of ‘reconciliation between nations’ in International Christian conferences. Reconciliation here is not about explaining or understanding mutually, but Japan makes apology to China and Korea one sidedly.

The reason why Chinese tendency to determine Japan evil is dangerous is because it is not only based on the lie but it is based on Sinocentrism.


(Quoted from Wikipedia)

about Sinocentrism: Sinocentrism is an idea that China is the center of the universe and its culture and ideology is sacred. This is an ethnocentric ideology of Han race from a long time ago, which despises other ethnic groups living around them, considering them as uncivilized tribes.


According to this ideology, eastern Asian nations have yearning for China. Therefore, what they did to Tibet and Uighur by invading and conquering them is justified.


If one nation is proud of itself and owns its own ideology, that should be tolerated if they do not impose those ideas on other countries, even if the contents may not be accurate. However, if they impose that idea on other countries or judge other countries and history according to that standard, that could cause a problem.



In a message in an international Christian prayer conference held in Japan in 2014, a preacher who seems to be known in China made an official apology to Japanese for China not having been a father to Japan.
She went on to say that crimes are growing in Japan because Japan was cast away to the east end and got perverse. Then she invited Japanese to come to China to live because there are many good places suitable for habitation, showing the cities of China, encouraging immigration.


She was saying such ambiguous things on and on, I asked her personally what she meant after the meeting.


Her answers were totally surprising which was much more than we had expected.


According to her, in 3rd century BC, Qin Shi Huang, First emperor of Qin sent their men to the east to search for a medicine of eternal youth in the Qin era, saying that they should never come back to China unless they find that. In the end, they could not find the medicine, so they settled down in the east island, whose descendants are Japanese. China of Qin emperor is the father and Japan is a child who is rejected by his father. A rejected child rebels against the father, which is exactly the reason why Japan invaded China.


The reason why she encouraged immigration was because Japan was soon to sink into the sea. She even showed us the web-cite of an American scientist who studies about that.

From this experience, China blaming Japan is not just about a history view or a political issue, but has a lot to do with sinocentrism.