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Communist China insists that Japan massacred 300,000 people in Nanjing in 1937.

However, it is obvious from the situations that there was no such thing as massacre by the Japanese army, because in those days, Nanjing was not closed only to the Japanese army but there were many foreign media people in Nanjing. If the massacre was true, it must have been a big news then already. But at that time, there was no such news about massacre there.

In Tokyo Trials (International Military Tribunal for the Far East), there was no direct witnesses who saw massacre.

Repeated Chinese massacre done by Chinese people

Many people may have an image that Japanese army suddenly attacked Chinese people who lived in peace, and that is Nanjing massacre. Actually in those days in China, after Qing dynasty fell, there was anarchy and confusion, and the situations were complicated. The massacre by Japanese was a fabrication. But in fact, in Nanjing, massacre done by Chinese towards Chinese happened at least 4 times. (More Detail)

Especially the fourth one was terribly cruel which was done by the chinese Communist party army.

Therefore, the memory or photo of Nanjing massacre should be at this time.

The Japanese who were deliverers

Since there were several massacres by Chinese, the Japanese army was a deliverer for the inhabitants of Nanjing.
Therefore, the Japanese army was welcomed by the inhabitants of Nanjing. There are many such picture. On the contrary, most of the pictures which are used as evidence for the massacre of the inhabitants by Japanese are either invention or pictures of massacre by Chinese in different places, which is made evident today.


I will repeat again. There was a massacre in Nanjing, but it was an incident done by the Chinese Communist party army in 1949.

It can be considered that it was a fabrication from the fact that Mao Zedong never refered to or mentioned the Nanjing Massacre done by The Japanese army even once in his whole life.     


★(Conitinue to 4 times massacres)